Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration service by Christchurch residential plumbers Tipene Plumbing, Canterbury-wide.

Water Filters – Whole House and Under Sink Filtration Solutions

If you are sick and tired of the taste and smell of the chlorine in the Christchurch water supply then Tipene Plumbing can install a whole house water filtration system to deliver pure, un-chlorinated water everywhere in your home.

After the water filter is installed it removes the taste and smell of the chlorine so you can enjoy fresh drinking water again straight from your tap.


We offer whole home solutions that filter the mains water coming into your house but if you wanted we can also install under bench water filters which is a more affordable solution. This is a good solution if you just want to filter your drinking water and water for food preparation, but are less concerned about chlorine in your showers.


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